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An Overview

The robust toolkit Ultimate Addons for Elementor was created to improve the WordPress page builder Elementor. It is a vital tool for web designers and developers since it offers a selection of sophisticated widgets and extensions that greatly enhance the operation and appearance of websites.

Even though it has fewer widget options than some of its rivals, it performs exceptionally well and is quite user-friendly, keeping web pages responsive and quick.

Ultimate Addons for Elementor is the best option for experts looking for specific capabilities. It assists in building aesthetically pleasing and incredibly useful websites and offers regular updates and support to guarantee compatibility and peak performance.

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Brainstorm Force is a reputable third-party company that is separated from Elementor and develops Ultimate Addons for Elementor.

If the name- Brainstorm Force is unknown to you, you must know about the popular WordPress theme called Astra theme – one of their main product.

Ulimiate addons for elementor review

Ultimate Addons for Elementor plugins

Brainstorm Force’s “Ultimate Addons” line consists of multiple plugins, each specialized for a certain page builder and designed to meet a variety of user requirements.

These include Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder, which offers special modules and templates for the Beaver Builder page builder;

Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg, now known as Spectra, which expands the features of the Gutenberg block editor with more blocks and design options; and Ultimate Addons for WPBakery, which adds sophisticated elements and functionalities to the WPBakery page builder.

With the help of each plugin’s smooth integration with its corresponding page builder, users may easily develop complex and aesthetically pleasing websites.

What does Ultimate Addons for Elementor provide you?

Here’s a breakdown of what Ultimate Addons for Elementor provide you:

Over 40 Extensions & Widgets

With more than 40 widgets and extensions available, Ultimate Elementor Add-ons offer unmatched utility and versatility in website design. From simple components like text and images to more complex features like sliders, forms, and interactive elements, these widgets serve a variety of uses.

Without any coding experience, you can simply design dynamic and interesting web pages with the wide range of tools at your disposal. Every widget is made to work in unison with Elementor, guaranteeing a simple and easy-to-use interface.

What are various widgets offered by Ultimate Addons for Elementor?

With an amazing selection of 44 widgets, the Ultimate Addons for Elementor is a feature-rich toolbox that expands the capabilities of Elementor and Elementor Pro. With their thoughtful construction and division into six unique categories, these widgets satisfy a range of design requirements while augmenting the overall functionality of the Elementor page builder. Let’s examine each area in more detail:

  • Content Widgets ( 12 widgets): With features like complex Titles, Pop-up Windows, and Tables, these widgets make it easier to create and show complex content. Different content elements are easily designed and customized by users to fit their needs and tastes.
  • Creativity Widgets (16 widgets): These widgets give users even more flexibility by enabling them to experiment with customization and produce original designs. Timeline, Registration Form, and Conditional Display Elements are a few examples that provide interesting and dynamic website designs.
  • SEO Widgets (4 widgets): Use search engine optimization-focused widgets to increase website visibility and interaction. These include features that enhance user experience and search engine rankings, like Markup, User Reviews, and Table of Contents.
  • Social Networks Widgets (3 widgets): Provide customisable share buttons and Instagram and Twitter feed widgets to streamline social media integration. By using these widgets, users can reach a wider audience on several platforms and boost social engagement.
  • WooCommerce Widgets (5 widgets): These widgets are designed especially for e-commerce websites; they optimize product displays and improve the purchasing experience. Examples that let consumers develop easy-to-use and aesthetically pleasing online stores are the Shopping Cart and Customized Payment Page.

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More Than 100 Website Templates

ultimate addons for elementor

One of Ultimate Elementor Add-ons’ best features is having access to over 100 premium website layouts. With their expert design and extensive customisation options, these templates suit a wide range of markets and specializations.

You can discover a template that works for your needs whether you’re creating a corporate website, an online store, or a portfolio. Being able to alter these templates guarantees that your website will be unique and accurately represent your company.

Additionally, the templates are responsive and performance optimized, guaranteeing a consistent user experience on a variety of screens and devices.

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What are various templates offered by Ultimate Addons for Elementor?

The Ultimate Addons for Elementor plugin’s Elementor templates are a crucial component that improves the adaptability and efficiency of your website-building process. The kind of license you choose will have a big impact on these templates’ range and availability.

Ultimate Addons License:

Access to almost 100 free templates is available with the Ultimate Addons Licence. These templates work effectively and are adaptable to a wide range of websites. Usually, every template has a few standard pages like Home, Services, About, and Contact.

These pages provide a comprehensive site structure, making it easy and quick for you to build up your website. A variety of niches are catered to by the free templates.

Templates for blogs, restaurants, fashion, sports, music, health, hotels, and more are available. This variety guarantees that, irrespective of the industry, you may locate a template that fits the unique requirements of your website.

Essential Bundle and Growth Bundle Licenses:

More than 100 premium templates are available with these higher-tier licenses in addition to the free ones that come with the Ultimate Addons license. Compared to free templates, premium themes typically have more sophisticated functionality and design components, but there isn’t much of a difference in overall quality.

They provide greater flexibility and options, which can be especially useful for more intricate or expensive projects. Premium templates have the standard pages (Home, Services, About, Contact) that are included in free templates, but they also frequently have extra specialized pages and features that address more particular demands or sophisticated functions. A wide range of niches are also covered by premium templates.

You can find templates that are designed specifically for various industries whether you are creating a website for a corporate business, personal blog, restaurant, fashion store, sports club, music band, hotel, or healthcare provider.

This guarantees that your website can successfully satisfy the needs and expectations of your intended audience.

All things considered, the Ultimate Addons for Elementor plugin’s Elementor templates offer a complete solution for rapidly and effectively creating websites with a polished appearance.

You can choose from a large selection of designs appropriate for many sectors and uses, whether you choose to use the additional premium templates available with the Essential Bundle and Growth Bundle licenses or the free templates included with the Ultimate Addons license.

More than 200 Section Blocks

With the help of the plugin’s extensive library of more than 200 pre-built section blocks, you can easily and rapidly design intricate page layouts. Numerous design components are covered by these section blocks, including testimonials, pricing tables, headers, footers, and more.

You may easily alter the look and feel of your website by just dragging and dropping these blocks onto your page. These component blocks offer countless customisation options, whether you’re creating a design from scratch or adding the final touches to an already-existing one.

The blocks are additionally optimized for SEO and speed, guaranteeing that your website loads rapidly and performs well in search engine results. For further enhancing your site’s performance, explore the Best Speed Optimization & Cache Plugins for WordPress.

What are the various section blocks provided by Ultimate Addons for Elementor?

Ultimate Addons for Elementor provides a variety of section blocks to simplify the content creation process. These section blocks, which contain several widgets, can be imported into your content with just a few clicks.

They are divided into 18 categories and include ready-to-use elements such as a contact form, a frequently asked questions section, a price table, testimonials, a portfolio, and a subscription form for your newsletter, among others.

Like templates and widgets, section blocks can be customized to fit your style guide and content, saving you valuable time in designing your page. These elements offer many creative options for webmasters, enhancing the versatility and efficiency of website development.

Creative Widgets & Appealing Design

Your ability to leave a lasting impression is enhanced by Ultimate Elementor Add-ons’ eye-catching designs and inventive widgets. By providing a carefully selected assortment of premium addons that go beyond fundamental design components, the plugin enables you to enhance your website with interactive and aesthetically pleasing features.

These widgets can be used to display your items’ salient characteristics, interact with visitors through dynamic information, or show off your portfolio. The options are unlimited, ranging from sophisticated navigation menus and multimedia galleries to animated effects and unique fonts.

You can let your creativity run wild and make an engaging website that motivates and enthralls visitors with Ultimate Elementor Add-ons.


Ultimate Addons for Elementor is a premium plugin that offers three different licensing options to potential users. The “Ultimate Addons” license is the most affordable, starting at $69 per year.

For those seeking more features, the “Essential Bundle” is available from $169 per year. The most comprehensive option, the “Growth Bundle,” costs $249 per year.

Each license provides varying levels of access to templates and features, catering to different user needs and budgets.

Each license for Ultimate Addons for Elementor can be used on an unlimited number of sites and includes premium support via email. Here’s a breakdown of the main differences between the licenses:

  • Ultimate Addons License: This license grants access to all widgets and blocks and includes free templates, but it does not include premium templates.
  • Essential Bundle License: In addition to everything offered in the Ultimate Addons license, this bundle provides access to premium templates, the Astra Pro theme, and the WP Portfolio plugin.
  • Growth Bundle License: This comprehensive package includes all features from the Ultimate Addons and Essential Bundle licenses, plus the Convert Pro, Schema Plus, and Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder plugins. It also offers free access to premium training videos and future products from Brainstorm Force.

There is also a lifetime payment option for each license:

Ultimate Addons License: $249
Essential Bundle License: $849
Growth Bundle License: $1,249

How to use Ultimate Addons for Elementor?

Step 1: Download Plugin

Download the plugin from its official website to get started. At the upper right corner of the website, select the “Get started” button. Choose the license that best meets your needs as we already guided you on choosing the right one .

Step 2: Activate the plugin.

Install the plugin on your WordPress dashboard as soon as you have it. To get there, select Plugins > Add New.

After selecting “Upload Plugin,” download the zip file from the Ultimate Addons for Elementor customer area.

Lastly, turn on the plugin. You may now access the UAE menu by going to the WordPress settings.There is a list of every widget the plugin offers. You can then select which ones to use or not utilize by turning them on or off. You can reduce the effect that the plugin may have on how long it takes for your pages to load by deactivating one or more widgets.

Step 3: Utilize the Elementor interface to add sections, templates, and widgets.

The plugin is now operational and usable. The free version of Elementor or the paid version, Elementor Pro (affiliate link), must both be enabled in order to accomplish this. Visit the Elementor editing interface to see what Ultimate Addons has in store.

To accomplish this, for example, build a new page using the Pages > Add menu. After giving it a title, select “Edit with Elementor”.

You are currently in the editing interface for the page builder. The Elementor widgets (Basic, Pro, etc.) are located on the left sidebar. The new section “Ultimate Addons” will appear if you scroll down a little. Here you’ll be able to see a list of every widget that the Brainstorm Force plugin has to offer.

You can also incorporate the templates and sections (an assembly of different widgets) of your choice, by clicking on the icon that looks like an “S”.

Is Ultimate Addons for Elementor best choice for you?

Ultimate Addons for Elementor is a useful tool for web developers because of its simple interface and seamless interaction with the Elementor editor. Even with the most economical license, it offers a large selection of templates and widgets that may be used on an infinite number of websites.

Particularly for those in charge of several client sites, features like white labeling, cross-site copy-paste, and a modular approach to performance bring a great deal of value. Furthermore, the plugin offers outstanding long-term value due to its appealing price and lifetime offer availability.

Even though the add-on has a tonne of innovative widgets, it’s important to note that some of them are rather identical to those in Elementor Pro.

Overall, Ultimate Addons for Elementor is a robust and versatile plugin that enhances the capabilities of the Elementor editor, making it a worthwhile investment for web developers.

Then why wait? Try Ultimate Addons for Elementor today!

Frequrently Asked Question (FAQ)

What distinguishes the Ultimate Addons for Elementor from other extensions for Elementor?

With its wide selection of widgets, original section particles, and user-friendly interface, The Ultimate Addons for Elementor distinguishes itself for designers of all stripes. It provides an extensive toolkit to unleash creativity and improve website functioning, in contrast to other extensions.

Is it possible to use the Ultimate Addons for Elementor on more than one website?

Of course! The Ultimate Addons for Elementor’s flexible licensing enables customers to take advantage of its capabilities across several websites with a single license. Because of this capability, it’s a great and affordable option for handling multiple tasks at once.

Are third-party themes compatible with the Ultimate Addons for Elementor?

Yes, the Ultimate Addons for Elementor work flawlessly with a wide range of third-party themes. It is easy for designers to incorporate into the themes they have selected, guaranteeing a seamless and trouble-free design process free from compatibility problems.

Is it possible for me to customize the pre-made templates to match my brand?

Of course! With the help of the Ultimate Addons for Elementor, customers can easily customize pre-made templates and incorporate their brand identity into their website designs. Customisation options include changing fonts and colors as well as adding brand logos and messaging. The possibilities are almost endless.

Is it appropriate for e-commerce websites to use the Ultimate Addons for Elementor?

Of course! The Ultimate Addons for Elementor improve the operation and appearance of e-commerce websites, specifically designed to fulfill the needs of online stores. It’s a priceless tool for improving e-commerce platform efficiency, from optimizing product displays to improving user experience with easy features.

Can a person White Label the Ultimate Addons for Elementor?

Yes, of course! One can white-label the Ultimate Addons for Elementor by altering the plugin’s name and details using straightforward backend settings. White label is a feature that is well-liked by agencies and developers since it helps them simplify the WordPress backend so that their clients don’t get confused.

Is UAE included in the Essential Toolkit and Business Toolkit?

Indeed! Ultimate Addons for Elementor are included, much like all the other plugins in the Essential Toolkit and Business Toolkit.


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