Best WordPress Caching Plugins in 2024


When a user lands on a website, they expect a certain level of performance. That includes navigation and, most importantly, speed. Even if you know the process of starting a website in WordPress, you still may lack the technical knowledge to maintain other aspects.

If your website lags or takes too long to load, they might ditch your business and choose your competitors. As a business owner, you cannot let that happen.

A WordPress caching plugin is the best way to implement the caching process on your Website. The best thing about these plugins is that you don’t need to handle the caching process manually.

Best cache plugins

While a reliable caching plugin can boost your site speed to a great extent, choosing an unreliable one will become a nightmare.

Why Use a WordPress Caching Plugin?

As mentioned before, a WordPress caching plugin is the best way to improve your site speed. Installing such plugins will store parts of your site, such as HTML files, JavaScript files, CSS files, etc, on your server.

Every time a user accesses any of your website’s web pages, it sends a request to the server. It then processes the request and sends the results to the user’s browser. The process takes some time as the server needs to handle all the requests like menus, blogs, images, etc.

Caching is the process that will enhance your website’s performance by storing the requested data temporarily from your web files. As these web files become more accessible, your website can load faster.

Benefits of Using WordPress Cache Plugins

Some major benefits of installing the best WordPress caching plugins include:

  • Your WordPress website will be better. Search engines will also provide your site with great SEO capabilities to make the web pages faster. This will help you achieve higher SERP rankings.
  • Your website can handle power traffic without downtime or performance issues. This is extremely important if you own an eCommerce business.
  • You can provide a better user experience to your customers. As your website’s loading time will be faster, your targeted customers won’t bounce off.

Best 5 WordPress Caching Plugins Compared

We have tested countless caching plugins and shortlisted the best ones in this article. We have tested them thoroughly to give you more unique information. Without any further ado, let’s get started.

1. WP Rocket

Key Features:

  • Quick setup
  • Page caching
  • eCommerce optimization
  • Cache preloading
  • Browser caching
  • GZIP compression
  • Multilingual compatibility
  • Robust support


Single: $59/year (1 website)
Plus: $119/year (3 websites)
Infinite: $299/year (unlimited websites)

WP Rocket is hands down the best WordPress caching plugin. While there are other robust options available, nothing can come close to WP Rocket.

But how does WP Rocket work? WP Rocket creates static HTML files to cache your website. It also makes them available for the website visitors. With browser caching, WP Rocket asks the browser to store rarely-updated but commonly-used files within the local cache memory.

While testing WP Rocket, we noticed it’s extremely simple and reliable. Thanks to the user-friendly interface, we never faced any problems controlling the caching functionality.

Even if you don’t have any technical expertise, you will still find WP Rocket to be the most beginner-friendly and easiest caching plugin.

Don’t forget to leverage the benefits of WP Rocket add-ons like Cloudflare integration, Varnish Cache, and Sucuri integration.

WP Rocket provides more features and benefits than other free plugins. WP Rocket will greatly enhance your website’s speed and performance as soon as you install and activate it.

Your website will benefit from its eye-catching features like preloading cache, optimized JavaScript and CSS, LayLoad for iframes and images, and optimized database. It will also ensure compatibility with CDNs, something we find truly helpful.

Cache preloading will make your website faster, allowing users to access the cached version of your WordPress website. Make sure you use the sitemap-based cache preloading option. This way, it can preload the sitemaps created by WordPress SEO plugins.

We loved that WP Rocket has features you would normally have to install a couple of extra plugins. For instance, you don’t need to install database optimization and lazy loading plugins separately – these features are included.

WP Rocket’s LazyLoad will delay the loading time of the images. In short, the images will remain “off-screen” until you need them. If you have WebP images on your website, you can use WP Rocket to create a separate cache file for them.

While it’s a premium WordPress caching plugin, its ease of use makes WP Rocket 100% value for money. It also comes with advanced features like CDN integration for technical users.

If you’re using a CDN, it’s possible to integrate the CDN into the dashboard of WP Rocket. You can also use WP Rocket’s custom CDN, known as RocketCDN.

We found the GZIP Compression of WP Rocket highly beneficial. Let’s say you have a webpage and you want to compress it. By compressing web pages on the server before transmitting them to the browser, WP Rocket can reduce the overall file size, allowing content to load quickly.

We also noticed that WP Rocket works perfectly with various plugins, themes, website types, and hosts. The themes are one of the most important aspects of a WordPress website. Make sure you choose the best WordPress themes for better visualization.

However, make sure you turn off all the other caching plugins before installing WP Rocket. You don’t want them to clash with each other.

If you want to optimize your website database, make sure you choose nothing but WP Rocket. You can make revisions, delete, or drafts with a simple click. Automation will save you time and effort.

Stop settling for average. Invest in WP Rocket and experience the difference a truly exceptional caching plugin can make.

Remember, WP Rocket is not just a plugin, it’s an investment in your website’s success and speed.

If you want to know more about WP Rocket and why it’s the best WordPress caching plugin, make sure you read our WP Rocket review page.


  • Simple interface is highly accessible even for non-technical users
  • The plugin automatically applies several performance optimization techniques
  • Integrates seamlessly with popular Content Delivery Networks (CDNs)
  • Designed to work well with popular e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce
  • Insightful reports on website performance
  • WP Rocket receives frequent updates with new features and bug fixes


  • No free plan
  • Advanced features are more complicated
  • Not as impactful as a server-level caching solution

Is WP Rocket the Right Solution for You?

WP Rocket caters well to different website types, including personal blogs, business websites, and even e-commerce stores with WooCommerce integration. People looking for a good balance between user-friendliness and effective performance optimization techniques should choose WP Rocket.

Then why delay?

Try WP Rocket using our discounted Link

2. Swift Performance

Try Swift Performance

Key Features:

  • Page caching
  • Plugin organization
  • Database optimization
  • JavaScript and CSS optimization
  • Compute API
  • Continuous updates
  • Unlimited image optimizer


Free: $0
Single: $49/year
Multi: $99/year
Developer: $249/year
Business: $999.99 (one-time)

Despite being an underdog, SWIFT Performance is another WordPress caching plugin you should use to boost your website speed and performance.

While the free version has only 10k active installations, you should not overlook its effectiveness and capabilities in increasing your website speed.

When we used SWIFT Performance, we were satisfied with its performance. The installation process was quite seamless, and it started running within a few seconds.

SWIFT Performance is probably the most feature-rich plugin that offers a free version. The JavaScript Minification feature will boost the cache prebuild period. On the other hand, critical CSS will improve loading time.

Even though it’s not entirely beginner-friendly, it certainly has more features than other so-called premium plugins. SWIFT Performance has many caching features, such as lazy load blocks, proxy cache, etc.

If you have a heavy website that receives high traffic and you want to tweak every aspect, SWIFT Performance will prove suitable for you.

Read our SWIFT Performance review blog for more information.


  • SWIFT Performance boasts a lightweight codebase
  • The plugin offers extensive control over various caching aspects
  • The plugin offers basic image optimization options, including lossless compression and lazy loading
  • Content Delivery Networks integration allows you to serve static content


  • SWIFT Performance’s extensive control options might require more technical understanding for effective utilization
  • Not ideal for complete beginners
  • SWIFT Performance might have limitations in caching certain content types like e-commerce product pages or user-generated content

Who should use SWIFT Performance?

SWIFT Performance is a powerful caching plugin that offers extensive control and optimization options for experienced users seeking to fine-tune website performance.

Its lightweight nature, detailed reports, and CDN integration make it a compelling choice for those comfortable with managing plugin settings and troubleshooting potential conflicts.

3. LiteSpeed

Try Swift LiteSpeed

Key Features:

  • Server-level full-page cache
  • JavaScript/CSS/HTML minification
  • Private cache
  • Edge Side Includes (ESI)
  • HTTP/2 push
  • Database optimization
  • Browser cache support
  • Image optimization


Free: $0
WordPress Cache Optimization: $100 (one-time)

LitsSpeed has many optimization features. With 3 million active users, Litespeed deserves the third spot on our list of best WordPress caching plugins.

Regarded as an all-in-one optimization platform, LiteSpeed provides many premium optimization features for free. While it’s not as excellent as WP Rocket, you can’t expect more from a free version.

The free services include server-level caching, which is the most optimized method due to its lower processing power.

You will also get many cool features like lazy loading, image optimization, and the capability to localize Javascript files. This makes LiteSpeed one of the best WordPress caching plugins. It also works seamlessly with Yoast SEO and WooCommerce plugins.

Thanks to the LiteSpeed caching plugin, you can also toggle the caching settings through the dashboard. This will prove highly beneficial, especially when you’re looking for a free solution.

The advanced features set LiteSpeed apart from the crowd. For example, it can display low-quality image versions while lazy loading, preload individual user caches, and more.

However, the interface needs to be improved. We noticed that it’s extremely clumsy and confusing. Beginners will find LiteSpeed slightly overwhelming.


  • LiteSpeed Cache utilizes server-level caching mechanisms, often leading to faster page load times
  • The plugin offers various caching methods, including page caching, object caching, and browser caching
  • LiteSpeed Cache automatically invalidates cached pages when content changes
  • The plugin includes specific optimizations for mobile devices


  • Learning curve for advanced users
  • LiteSpeed Cache requires a compatible server environment with LiteSpeed web server installed
  • Limited support for certain content types

Who should use LiteSpeed?

The plugin’s efficient server-level caching is particularly beneficial for websites with high traffic volume, as it can handle numerous user requests effectively.

If your website is already hosted on a server utilizing LiteSpeed web server technology, LiteSpeed Cache offers seamless integration.

4. WP Optimize

Try WP Optimize

Key Features:

  • User per role cache
  • More flexible clean-up schedules
  • Preload key requests
  • Delete irrelevant images
  • Lazy load
  • One-click minification
  • One-click caching
  • Clean up scheduling


Free: $0
Starter: $49/year (1-2 websites)
Business: $99/year (3-5 websites)
Unlimited: $199/year (unlimited websites)

This all-in-one WordPress caching plugin can help you compress photos, cache web pages, minify JavaScript and CSS files, and clean up databases.

With over a million active users, WP Optimize will never fail to cache your website and clean the databases thoroughly. It’s a perfect combination of database optimization and caching plugins.

Apart from optimizing the images, WP Optimize can also focus on your website’s assets like JavaScript and CSS. This way, your website will load faster and help your server use resources more effectively.

WP Optimize comes with many notable features. It supports multisite functionality, which will allow WebP support. Not to mention, it will use the GZIP compression process.

Additionally, WP Optimize provides a premium version that will allow you to use this plugin on multiple websites. Don’t forget to enjoy the additional features like lazy loading techniques.

With WP Optimize, you can enable page caching with just a click. You can also use your mobile devices to generate separate files. However, you need to visit the dashboard to do that.


  • WP Optimize provides various caching options
  • The plugin helps optimize your WordPress database by cleaning up unnecessary data
  • WP Optimize allows you to create backups of your database and files
  • Provides detailed reports on your website’s performance


  • Limited features in the free version
  • Lacks advanced image optimization options
  • No CDN integration

Who should use WP Optimize?

If your website has moderate traffic and you don’t require advanced features like minification or CDN integration, the free version of WP-Optimize might be sufficient to meet your needs.

5. Perfmatters

Try WP Perfmatters

Key Features:

  • Quick-toggle options
  • Disable REST API
  • Script manager
  • Change your WordPress login URL
  • Add code to header, body, footer
  • Remove unused CSS
  • Multisite support


Personal: $24.95/year (1 website)
Business: $54.95/year (3 websites)
Unlimited sites: $149.95/year

Perfmatters WordPress caching plugin takes a different approach than the other plugins on our list. Despite being different, it will still improve your website speed.

WordPress, by default, enables specific options that are not only unnecessary but also degrades website performance. Perfmatters will help you disable these options with just a few clicks.

The biggest culprit behind your website’s slow performance is irrelevant HTTP requests. These requests slow down page rendering.

Sometimes, choosing an irrelevant web hosting solution can also lead to reduced website speed. So, make sure you choose the best web hosting services in India.

Perfmatters will also disable these scripts depending on the webpage. This means that you can stop the plugins from loading the code in unnecessary places.

Perfmatters comes with many performance-boosting features like preconnect, FNS prefetch, Google Analytics script hosting, and many more.

Hence, even if you do have some WordPress caching plugins installed, you can still install and activate Perfmatters.


  • The plugin is known for its user-friendly interface and clear documentation
  • Responsive and helpful customer support team
  • Perfmatters allows you to selectively enable or disable optimization
  • Can aid in better user experience, lower bounce rates, and potentially improved SEO


  • Limited features compared to some competitors
  • No lifetime license
  • Perfmatters can conflict with other plugins or themes

Who should use Permatters?

Perfmatters allows for selective optimization. This will allow you to choose which aspects of your website to optimize and avoid unintended consequences. This level of control can benefit the users who want to fine-tune their website’s performance.

Choose the Best WordPress Caching Plugin Today!

If you’re struggling to enhance your website speed, installing any of these plugins will dramatically improve your website.

After comparing and reviewing the different WordPress plugins on the list, we believe WP Rocket is undoubtedly the best WordPress caching plugin. It perfectly balances a beginner-friendly platform as a powerful tool to boost your website’s performance.

But if you’re looking for a free caching plugin, consider SWIFT Performance or LiteSpeed. They also come with plenty of advanced caching features.

Remember that the perfect plugin depends on your website and your business’s unique needs. So, install the right one today and provide an impeccable user experience.

We hope you found our blog informative and engaging. If you have any other questions, make sure you let us know.


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