6 Best WordPress Calendar & Event Plugins: A Hands-on Comparison


If you’re a WordPress website developer, you’re aware of the number of plugins available on the internet. From reliable caching plugins and backup plugins to beneficial membership plugins, these can enhance the overall functionality of a website. The same goes for calendar and event plugins too.

You can use the event and calendar plugins to organize large and small events such as parties, conferences, sports events, get-togethers, etc. No need to worry about any manual data entry or complicated process.


If you’re using WordPress, you should know that there are multiple WordPress themes and templates that can simplify the process even further. The plugins are there to add a simple calendar to your WordPress website.

The best thing about these event plugins is that you can insert them in any post, page, or widget area. It’s as simple as that.

Best WordPress Calendar and Event Plugins

Now that you know the benefits of installing a calendar and event plugin on your WordPress website, let’s take a look at the best options available on the internet.

1. The Events Calendar

The Events Calendar is a feature-rich, user-friendly plugin for adding events, managing organizers, and venues. You may change a few display settings, including the Google Maps zoom level and currency symbols.

What we liked is that you can display future events in a calendar grid style with tooltips and explanations. As it supports a beautiful list or a day view, you can provide more flexibility to your customers.

It offers a beautiful user interface from which you may change the settings to suit your needs. Set event details, including time and day, venue, organizer, event website, and fee.

You can also categorize and tag events (which is useful), create all-day display events, and import data from CSV files. It has an Ajax-enabled calendar where users can search and filter for events. As we are developers, we could also use caching and debugging modes.

The Events Calendar is extremely popular, with many Fortune 100 corporations, major colleges, and government organizations using it to manage their events. It has almost 800,000 active installations!

The plugin’s premium edition includes options for recurring events, custom event legends, default content, and geographical search. There are other calendar viewing choices available, including week, map, photo, venue, and organizer.

While testing The Events Calendar, we found many features. However, some of the best ones include featured venue, week, and event countdown widgets. Premium add-ons are available for integrating with Eventbrite, Easy Digital Downloads, and WooCommerce to sell tickets.

Users may also submit their events through the front site. The Events Calendar is flexible enough to meet your demands, even in the free edition.

However, as soon as you require additional features, we strongly advise you to upgrade to the premium version.


  • The Events Calendar has a user-friendly interface
  • The free version offers core calendar features like adding event details, setting times and dates, and choosing various calendar views
  • It has a large and active community forum
  • The Events Calendar offers a high degree of customization


  • Essential features are not available on the free version
  • It may lead to plugin bloat if you’re not careful about which ones you install.

Take a look at the pricing structure of The Events Calendar:
Free: $0
Pro: starts at $99/year

The pricing structure depends on the number of websites you’re planning to use. If you have multiple websites, we recommend upgrading the number of sites.

Are you looking for the best WordPress calendar and event plugin? Make sure you visit The Events Calendar today.

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2. FluentBooking

FluentBooking is an excellent WordPress booking plugin that allows you to easily manage events and calendars. It’s fast, easy to use, and integrates perfectly with existing plugins without adding any complex features.

FluentBooking allow you to easily retrieve previous and upcoming reservations for any lead. The dedicated tab in the CRM profile helps with future communication and follow-up.

Furthermore, a direct connection with Fluent Forms enable you to design forms with scheduling capabilities in addition to other form features. This connection allow you to move beyond simple calendar interactions and into more complex scenarios.

With FluentBooking, you can easily adjust date formats and time zones, as well as create recurring events. Furthermore, it streamlines presenting your calendar on your website, making it extremely easy for people to schedule appointments.

It syncs with Google Calendar and connects with major WordPress plugins such as Fluent Forms and FluentCRM. Thus, you can leverage the best benefits of more extensive management. You can create event calendars without coding.

Furthermore, it syncs seamlessly with your Google Calendar and can be integrated with popular WordPress plugins such as Fluent Forms or FluentCRM for additional functionality.

Last but not least, FluentBooking’s user interface astounded me. It distinguishes itself from competitors with an amazing UI that seamlessly integrates with the WordPress environment.


  • Extremely easy to set up
  • FluentBooking offers a lifetime license option, eliminating recurring monthly fees
  • It allows you to create unlimited calendars and booking forms
  • FluentBooking integrates with various tools to streamline your workflow


  • As a WordPress plugin, FluentBooking is restricted to WordPress websites.
  • The customer support system is mediocre

FluentBooking offers three different payment plans

  • 1 site license: $79/year or $199 one-time
  • 5 site license: $199/year or $349 one-time
  • 50 site license: $399/year or $599 one-time

We think the yearly the yearly pricing structure is expensive. This is why we suggest choosing the one-time pricing plan, where you can save a significant amount of money. Click on the below link to know more.

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3. Modern Events Calendar

Modern Events Calendar is another excellent addition to our list of best WordPress calendar and event plugins. It’s easy to manage, looks good, and can be customized heavily if you have coding knowledge.

This WordPress event management plugin can be used on any website to display ongoing or upcoming events. With both free and premium versions, the Modern Events Calendar is very polished.

The free version, also known as Modern Events Calendar Lite, is super easy to use. You can also integrate it into your website with minimal effort. Some of the eye-catching features include multiple layout options, flexible event scheduling, user-submitted events, event recurrence, and support for WordPress shortcodes.

This extension’s capabilities include the ability to hold real, virtual, and hybrid events, as well as over 50 unique event display layouts. Furthermore, the platform goes beyond events, including complex capabilities such as advanced booking, ticketing, and a seat reservation module.

Its interaction with prominent platforms such as Zoom, WooCommerce, Google Calendar, and others makes it a complete solution for any event requirement.

On the other hand, the premium version adds extended shortcode options, location maps, multiple calendar and event views, Google Map directions, advanced booking options, and payment gateways.

The system prioritizes both utility and design, offering Liquid View Layouts based on the most recent design concepts. In addition, if you need to import events that have already been saved in systems, the Modern Events Calendar allows for smooth import from all of these sources.

Furthermore, if you run into any problems, the prompt customer support crew is always accessible and has a high user satisfaction rating.


  • It provides a free version with great features
  • You can choose from various layouts
  • The Pro version integrates with popular payment processors
  • It integrates seamlessly with Elementor


  • Steep learning curve
  • Important features are missing in the free version

Here’s the pricing structure of the Modern Events Calendar:
Lite: $0
Pro: $79/year

While Modern Events Calendar comes with some great add-ons, keep in mind that you need to purchase them separately. Make sure you visit the official website if you want to but MEC.

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4. WP Amelia

WP Amelia is one of the most powerful WordPress calendar and event plugins designed to cater to numerous businesses. From calendar booking to event management, WP Amelia can come in handy from numerous perspectives.

Its primary strength lies in the area of impeccable user experience, ease of use, user-friendly and minimal design, and the number of features it provides. While we couldn’t rank Amelia in our top 3 positions, it’s still an excellent option for people looking for a versatile calendar plugin.

Now, let’s say you’re organizing an event where you will be collecting dynamic payments from customers. How can WP Amelia help you? Well, you can set dynamic pricing with WP Amelia based on the user data. Even if you want to host events in different languages, you can leverage the translation feature of WP Amelia.

With WP Amelia, you can manage, organize, and schedule different types of events, including both offline and online events. From conferences and meetings to concerts and events – WP Amelia caters to a diverse range of solutions.

Thanks to Amelia’s simple and intuitive dashboard, you can create multi-day, one-day, and recurring events. This is something we liked a lot, as it allowed us to create different events with different longevity.

When we compared WP Amelia with other WordPress event plugins, we saw that the biggest differentiator of Amelia is its SaaS-like solution. This means that WP Amelia is designed with keeping the end users in mind.


  • A beginner-friendly and intuitive design
  • WP Amelia allows you to tailor the booking experience to your brand
  • It allows you to collect payments directly during the booking process
  • WP Amelia facilitates managing multiple staff members with individual profiles, schedules, and appointment types


  • The pricing structure is not ideal for users who only need basic appointment booking functionality
  • Restricted to WordPress only

WP Amelia provides four different pricing plans:

  • Standard: $219
  • Pro: $369
  • Elite: $749

WP Amelia also offers a 15-day money-back guarantee. Hence, you don’t need to worry about your investments going in vain. While we do believe the pricing of WP Amelia is a little more on the expensive side, you will get many top-notch features.

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5. Jet Appointment

This appointment booking plugin has a sleek appearance and a plethora of complementary functions. During the general appointment setting, you may choose your business days, working hours, days off, service specifics, and price.

Customization options include adding holidays, modifying timetables, defining service information, and creating buffer times between appointments. You can also create payment information and limit capacity for services. This will guarantee a smooth experience for both service providers and customers.

Jet Appointment can seamlessly connect with Zoom, automatically scheduling video sessions and giving all relevant information to participants via email. Your customers may arrange appointments via a variety of websites, including a single service, provider page, or pop-up form. Moreover, website visitors can choose from a variety of appointment scheduling options, including time pickers, set time slots, and recurring appointments.

Some of the other eye-catching benefits of this WP plugin include manual time entry, price-per-time unit settings, configurable forms, and a filterable calendar. Furthermore, by connecting with the JetEngine plugin, customers may improve the flexibility and efficiency of their WordPress booking forms and appointment system.

JetAppointment’s user-friendly interface simplifies appointment management. Business owners may use this section to see, add, update, and remove appointments. An integrated search feature, as well as several schedule layout options, help to speed the procedure. To make installation easier, the platform has a guided wizard that allows you to customize services, providers, and other important options.


  • You can get started without any coding experience
  • It offers a solid range of features
  • JetAppointment allows you to customize the booking form, calendar views, and email notifications
  • The Pro version of JetAppointment allows you to connect your booking services with your WooCommerce products


  • JetAppointment has a free version with restricted features
  • The customer support system is not good

If you need Jet Appointment as a standalone plugin, you need to pay $19/year. This plan will give you 1 year of product updates. Purchase the Jet Appointment plugin and use it on your WordPress website today.

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6. Eventin

Eventin is a complete WordPress plugin that streamlines event administration. Eventin promotes a seamless user experience by providing an Event Calendar, RSVP, and Event Tickets all in one package. With a varied collection of features, it is geared to making event planning easier and more efficient.

It allows you to handle all events by simply displaying an event calendar. As a result, anybody may view future events on this calendar. Furthermore, this top WordPress event management plugin can generate several sorts of tickets and sell them at varied costs.

The plugin is compatible with WooCommerce, Elementor, FluentCRM, Zoom, Google Meet, and many other platforms. If that isn’t enough, Eventin includes a variety of multi-event, single-event, and speaker widgets, as well as a Gutenberg block, four modules, and two add-ons, making it an all-in-one event plugin for WordPress.

Eventin also allows you to build flexible timetables to simplify events, organize and manage endless events, enhance customer loyalty with CRM, confirm participants with unique QR codes, and so on. The plugins may be used for both in-person and online events. Additionally, Zoom allows you to hold virtual meetings and webinars.


  • Eventin is more scalable than other options
  • A simple dashboard with a minimal learning curve
  • Higher accessibility with less downtime
  • Top-notch customization to match your website’s design
  • Compared to some event management solutions, Eventin offers a budget-friendly option.


  • The free version is less functional
  • Eventin might occasionally conflict with other plugins on your website

Eventin offers three main pricing plans: Standard, Premium, and Agency. Here’s a breakdown of each plan:

Standard Plan ($69): This plan is suitable for individual users or small organizations managing events on a single website. It includes core features like creating unlimited events, managing event details, displaying customizable calendars, and attendee management.

Premium Plan ($132 – discounted price from $189): This plan caters to businesses or organizations managing events on up to ten websites. It includes all features of the Standard Plan, plus additional functionalities like recurring events, multi-tier ticketing options, detailed sales analytics, and integrations with popular payment gateways like Stripe.

Agency Plan ($272 – discounted price from $389): This plan is designed for agencies or large organizations managing events on unlimited websites. It offers all features of the Premium Plan along with priority support and the potential for custom development.

If you’re facing any technical glitch, you can opt-in for a 15-day refund policy. However, keep in mind that they will first try to solve it. If it cannot be solved, only then you will receive a refund.

So, what are you waiting for? We believe Eventin has affordable pricing plans that can cater to businesses of all sizes.

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Why You Should Use a Calendar and Event Plugin?

Here are a few reasons why you need to install a calendar and event plugin on your WordPress website:

Enhanced User Engagement

A well-designed calendar displayed on your website allows visitors to easily see upcoming events and plan their participation. This can be particularly useful for businesses or organizations that host frequent events, workshops, or classes.

Improved Organization and Communication

These plugins streamline event management by providing a central location to create, edit, and track all your events. This can eliminate confusion and ensure everyone is on the same page regarding dates, times, and locations.

Increased Efficiency

By having an event calendar, you don’t need to manually update event details across different platforms. The calendar can also be used to analyze past event data to help with future planning and promotion.

Professional Presentation

A professional-looking calendar adds polish to your website and portrays a sense of organization. Many plugins offer various display options, allowing you to customize the calendar to your website’s design.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, there are a variety of WordPress calendar and event plugins available to suit your specific needs.

Whether you’re looking for a simple and user-friendly option like The Events Calendar, or a powerful booking solution like WP Amelia, there’s a plugin out there that can help you streamline your event planning and management process.

Consider the features that are most important to you and your budget when making your decision.


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