Is Pabbly the Best Email Marketing Software in 2024? In-Depth Review


In today’s constantly changing business world, owners must have the right automation tools, which is crucial for the ultimate success of businesses.

For instance, in a business where instantly reaching out to new prospects is evident, there are better choices than manually sending emails. Automating the process using an email marketing tool enhances efficiency and optimizes the business’s overall streamlined flow.

So, what is the best tool for doing that? There might be many email marketing tools & services, but enter Pabbly—an integrated platform that simplifies email marketing and sales processes.


As businesses strive to connect with their audience and boost revenue, efficient software solutions are essential.

Email marketing is essential for direct and personalized communication, while effective sales software is crucial for managing customer relationships and automating workflows. Pabbly is a comprehensive solution that seamlessly integrates these critical aspects of modern business operations.

If you want to optimize your email marketing campaigns, streamline sales processes, and enhance overall efficiency, this article is a must-read. We’ll explore Pabbly’s standout features and functionalities, providing a comprehensive understanding of how it can benefit businesses of all sizes.

Key Features of Pabbly’s Email Marketing Service

  • Send Unlimited Emails
  • Use Our Inbuilt SMTP Server
  • Allows SMTP Routing
  • Allows Unlimited Custom Fields
  • Supports Multi-Step Automations
  • Supports Drip Campaign
  • Supported Unlimited SMTPs
  • 1-Click Auto-Follow-Up to Non-Openers
  • Create Drag & Drop, HTML & Plain Text Emails
  • Capture Leads Using Web Form/ Subscription Form
  • Create Targeted Campaigns
  • Developer API Integration

What makes Pabbly the Best Email Marketing tool?

Connect Multiple SMTP

Pabbly Email Marketing tool connects multiple SMTPs and provides a robust solution to mitigate the risks associated with potential account suspensions. When you integrate your email marketing service with reliable SMTP relays, it ensures the continuous delivery of emails, even if one SMTP account faces issues or suspension.

Connect-Multiple-SMTP with pabbly

This feature not only safeguards against blacklisting but also ensures that your emails reach the intended inboxes. With the capability to connect unlimited SMTPs within a single account, users benefit from including Pabbly’s built-in SMTP, “Send With Us,” eliminating concerns about transferring large amounts of data in case of SMTP failure.

Predefined Templates


Pabbly Email Marketing tool has a drag-and-drop editor for crafting beautiful, personalized emails. You can choose from 500+ predefined templates or design your own with advanced customization options. With the mobile-responsive editor, you can seamlessly create visually appealing and effective email campaigns.

Inbuilt SMTP Server

Pabbly Email Marketing tool boasts an inbuilt SMTP server, which users can use to send unlimited emails effortlessly. The platform’s intuitive design incorporates features such as auto-follow-ups for non-openers, providing users with a seamless and efficient email-sending experience.


The inbuilt SMTP server ensures a reliable and consistent delivery mechanism, giving users peace of mind and the confidence that their email campaigns will be executed smoothly.

SMTP Routing

A standout feature of the Pabbly Email Marketing tool is SMTP Routing, a unique capability enabling users to send email campaigns using multiple servers simultaneously. This innovative approach maximizes deliverability rates by allowing users to manually select the percentage of emails sent from specific SMTP relays.


This not only contributes to achieving a higher inbox delivery rate but also works to reduce bounce rates. Furthermore, SMTP Routing aids in load management and balancing, preventing emails from being flagged as spam and enhancing email campaigns’ overall effectiveness.

Supports Multi-Step Automation

The tool supports advanced marketing automation through multi-step automation capabilities. This feature enables users to trigger emails based on specific actions such as opens, clicks, or website engagement, creating highly personalized and targeted communication.

Pabbly email marketing multi-step-automation

The segmentation options allow users to categorize subscribers efficiently, ensuring relevant content is delivered to the right audience. Automation streamlines the email marketing process and enhances user engagement by delivering timely and personalized content without requiring manual intervention.

How Does Pabbly Work?

What sets Pabbly apart is its user-friendly approach — no complex installations are required. This simplicity allows businesses to swiftly configure their email marketing strategy and focus on what matters most: delivering compelling content to their audience.

Pabbly Email Marketing tool streamlines the email delivery process, analyzes statistics, and remarkably efficiently fosters business growth. Setting up the platform is a breeze, requiring less than 5 minutes and just three straightforward steps.

  • First, you can effortlessly create engaging emails tailored to your audience, ensuring impactful communication.
  • The second step involves adding subscribers, providing a seamless way to grow and manage your contact list.
  • Finally, the third step involves adding a delivery server, with the option to use Pabbly’s inbuilt server or connect with external SMTP services.

Once set up, you can access insightful campaign and automation reports and evaluate the performance of the email initiatives. The platform also facilitates auto follow-ups to non-openers, ensuring that potential engagement is noticed.

Additionally, users can create targeted campaigns, refining their outreach to specific segments and maximizing the impact of their messaging. With Pabbly Email Marketing, the emphasis is not only on efficient email delivery but also on providing the tools and insights necessary to enhance engagement, analyze campaign success, and drive continuous growth.

Performance and Reliability

The tool offers users the flexibility to choose between using its built-in SMTP or connecting with an external SMTP for seamless and efficient email delivery.

With the inbuilt Pabbly SMTP, users benefit from a reliable and user-friendly option that simplifies creating email templates, adding subscribers, and sending out campaigns effortlessly. Alternatively, for those who prefer to leverage external SMTP services, Pabbly Email Marketing allows seamless connections with various external SMTP providers.

This versatility empowers you to customize your email delivery approach according to your preference and specific business requirements, ensuring a smooth and customizable experience for successful email marketing campaigns.

User Interface and Experience

Pabbly transforms your email marketing success with a robust set of features. From Drag & Drop Builders and Inbuilt Templates to Automation Workflows, Google Analytics Tracking, and Unlimited Templates, Pabbly covers it. It offers responsive mobile designs, A/B testing, suppression lists, and bulk imports for seamless campaigns.

With External SMTPs, Marketing Automation, Amazon SES Integration, and Smart Routing, Pabbly ensures optimal performance. It also includes features like MZ Cleaner, Email Tracking, Autoresponders, and Unlimited Custom Fields. Pabbly is your comprehensive solution for elevating email marketing effectiveness.

Pricing and Plans of Pabbly

Users can experience significant cost savings of up to 70% on their email marketing bills with Pabbly Email Marketing. Compared to other email marketing services, Pabbly offers a more budget-friendly option without compromising features and performance.

By choosing Pabbly, you can optimize your expenses and allocate resources more efficiently while enjoying robust and effective email marketing capabilities.

Conclusion – Can Pabbly be Your Next Email Marketing Tool?

Pabbly Email Marketing tool stands out as a premier choice for businesses seeking an email marketing application that fosters growth and ensures cost-effectiveness.

What sets Pabbly apart is its commitment to providing industry-leading inbox delivery, offering users the flexibility to send emails through its in-built delivery server or seamlessly integrate with reputable third-party services such as Amazon SES, MailGun, SendGrid, Postmark, PowerMTA, Mandrill, Dyn, Elastic Email, and SMTP2go.

This diverse integration capability empowers users to tailor their email delivery strategy to their needs and preferences.

Pabbly Email Marketing is a robust and user-friendly solution that supports unlimited SMTPs, making it easy for businesses to enhance their email marketing efforts. With features like one-click auto-follow-ups and versatile automation options, Pabbly simplifies engagement strategies.

The platform’s user-friendly interface accommodates various design preferences, facilitating the creation of targeted campaigns and lead capture through web forms. Pabbly is a cost-effective choice suitable for both experienced and beginners, offering the necessary tools to improve email marketing without breaking the bank.

Then why wait? If you need a best email marketing tool, opting for Pabbly can be a wise choice.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pabbly

Can I connect multiple delivery servers?

Yes, you can connect multiple SMTPs with Pabbly Email Marketing, allowing you to send emails seamlessly even if one SMTP account is suspended.

Does Pabbly have an inbuilt SMTP Server, and what is the cost?

Yes, Pabbly provides an inbuilt SMTP, known as Pabbly “Send With Us,” which you can use without additional cost. There is no extra charge associated with using this inbuilt SMTP.

Does Pabbly charge any fee to connect External SMTP?

No, Pabbly allows you to connect either the inbuilt SMTP or any external SMTP without charging any fees.

Is there any email sending limit?

There is no specific limit if you use an external SMTP. However, there is a per-day sending limit when using the built-in SMTP. For instance, with a 50k subscribers plan, you will initially be able to send 500 emails per day. The limit increases gradually based on your campaign stats, such as bounce and complaint rates.

Can I schedule emails using Pabbly Email Marketing?

You can send emails instantly or schedule them for a specific date and time according to your preferences with Pabbly Email Marketing.


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