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Most likely, if you’re using WordPress to develop a website, you’ve looked around for the ideal theme or you are searching for it. You might be thinking which WordPress theme is best for you and your product among many options available in the market.

To get started, you’ll first need to create a website or blog on WordPress by choosing a best web hosting provider like Hostinger, installing WordPress, and selecting a theme that suits your needs.

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A community of designers, ranging from hobbyists to professionals, produce WordPress themes. Websites like ThemeForest and Themecafe offer hundreds of WordPress themes. There’s no denying that Astra receives excellent reviews. But is it really good?

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Astra review

We’ll go over the benefits and other crucial information on Astra theme, one of the most talked-about WordPress themes of the past year, in this piece so you can make an informed choice.

But first, let’s start with the basics.


Brainstorm Force created the highly regarded WordPress theme Astra with professionals, creatives, businesses, and bloggers in mind. Well-known for its adaptability and efficiency, Astra is a great base for any website since it works with blogs, eCommerce plugins like WooCommerce, and portfolios.

Fast loading times are guaranteed by its lightweight design, and its user-friendly interface provides a wealth of customisation choices. Astra offers a collection of pre-built website themes and smoothly interacts with major page builders, cutting down on the time it takes to construct a polished website.

Astra has a fantastic 5-star rating on, where users appreciate its fast loading times, good support, and ease of use. These factors have solidified Astra’s position as a top pick for WordPress users.

Who is the team behind Astra?

Brainstorm Force, a WordPress development business with over 60 workers and over a decade of experience in the industry, is the creator of Astra.

Given that Brainstorm Force introduced the Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder and Ultimate Addons for Elementor plugin extensions and has a thorough understanding of how well-known WordPress page builders operate, it should come as no surprise that Astra interfaces with page builders so well.

Additionally, they are the developers of the Schema markup plugin Schema Pro, the email opt-in and lead creation plugin Convert Pro, and the WordPress portfolio plugin WP Portfolio.

Is Astra Good For you?

Because of its adaptability, Astra may be used by a variety of users. Its easy-to-use interface and starter sites—which make it possible to create sophisticated websites without a steep learning curve—will be appreciated by beginners.

Because Astra’s code is lightweight and works with page builders, experienced developers may design sophisticated and highly customized websites. Astra is especially useful to agencies because it can quickly construct websites for their clients utilizing starter sites as a base, giving them plenty of room for considerable customisation.

If you choose Astra, it will be beneficial for you in numerous ways. Firstly, because of its lightweight design, Astra offers improved speed, providing quick loading times that increase user experience and SEO rankings.

Also users with varying levels of design experience may construct outstanding and unique websites with easily customisable headers, footers, and layouts. With a range of color and typographic options that bolster the website’s polished appearance, the theme promotes brand consistency.

Custom sidebars and header/footer options help improve navigation and make it simpler for site visitors to find pertinent content. Hooks and custom 404 pages give further functionality, enablin users to add special features and increase visitor engagement. Furthermore, Astra’s integration with Gutenberg makes it easier for non-technical users to manage content and customize layouts.

Astra Key Features – What does Astra offer you?

Astra is a feature-rich WordPress theme designed with simplicity of use, performance, and customisation in mind. Here’s a thorough analysis of its main attributes and how they help users:

Quick Loading Times

Astra’s careful design makes sure that web pages load quickly—usually in a matter of seconds—which is necessary to keep the user experience fluid and responsive.

Its lightweight design—the theme uses only 50KB of resources—is one of the main causes of this speed. This minimum size greatly improves load speeds by lowering the quantity of data that must be sent between the user’s browser and the server.

Furthermore, the server has less strain thanks to the lightweight architecture, which makes it more capable of handling requests quickly and lowers the chance of performance problems or slowdowns. Quick page loads increase customer happiness and have a good effect on search engine optimisation (SEO) rankings since search engines like Google prefer user-friendly, fast-loading websites.

Highly Customisable

Aside from the option to use starter templates, the Astra theme comes with a load of customizable features. To give you an idea, here is a short list of options:

  • Layouts: Headers, blogs, single pages, posts, and other elements of the website container can all be managed with layouts.
  • Header and Footer Options: The Astra Pro extension allows you to expand the header and footer beyond what is already included in the base model.
  • Page Header Rules – The theme offers customisation options for page headers with certain guidelines and special features. This enhances the visual appeal and user engagement by enabling a custom look and feel across various pages.
  • Transparent Headers: A header with a lovely picture banner is essentially what a transparent header is.
  • WooCommerce Ready: Astra is completely WooCommerce ready and helps you build and design your store through the customizer itself. You can build a fast and attractive store today!
  • Typography Options: Everything from choosing the font of choice to the different methods of sizing your text.
  • Colors Management: Even with the free version of Astra, you can manage colors for various elements. If you opt-in for the Pro version, this expands to even more options.

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Expert Back-End Design

The theme is both stable and functional because to the painstaking attention to detail that went into creating the Astra back-end. The meticulous coding process reduces the possibility of technological problems, including bugs or glitches, which might impair a website’s functionality.

Because of its thoughtful design, Astra-powered websites run consistently and dependable, giving consumers a constant experience.

Astra frees website owners from the burden of resolving technical difficulties and lets them concentrate on user engagement and content creation.

Because of the dependability this skillful back-end architecture offers, websites can manage traffic and user interactions without experiencing unplanned disruptions, which encourages visitors to feel confident and trustworthy.

Google Fonts saved Locally on Your Server

Google Fonts saved Locally on Your Server

By storing Google Fonts locally on the server rather than requesting them from Google’s servers, Astra reduces the time it takes for font loading. This technique dramatically lowers the quantity of external HTTP requests needed to load fonts, which speeds up the rendering of pages.

The theme makes sure that fonts load quickly and are easily accessible by hosting them locally, which improves the website’s overall performance. This method ensures that fonts are always available and show consistently on various pages and devices while also speeding up font loading and giving users more control over font availability and dependability.

Important Astra integrations

Astra provides extensive support for WordPress features and design elements in addition to a plethora of integrations to run your website. View a few well-liked choices below.

WooCommerce – WooCommerce is a necessary component if you manage an online business. Fortunately, Astra is compatible with this online store. You can design a typical grid layout for e-commerce category pages using the WooCommerce integration. Additionally, you can prevent buyers from being forced to a cart page by using a dropdown cart on your pages.

Visit the Theme Customizer to experiment with the options available for WooCommerce integrations.

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Elementor – You may be familiar with Elementor if you have previously constructed a WordPress website. Using this drag-and-drop page builder, you can easily customize your website. The finest aspect? There is no need for you to decide between Elementor and Astra. They collaborate with each other.

The Elementor plugin gives you access to more customisation choices. This contains improved backdrop graphics, various fonts, and motion effects. You’ll soon be well on your way to creating an engaging website.


With the help of Astra’s LearnDash integration, easily create online courses and educational platforms. Online course creation, administration, and monetization are made simple with LearnDash’s robust learning management system integrated with Astra’s lightweight and quick-loading theme on your WordPress website.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO’s partnership with Astra ensures that your website is primed for search engine success. Astra’s compatibility with Yoast SEO allows you to optimize your website’s on-page SEO elements, including titles, meta descriptions, and XML sitemaps, to improve visibility and rankings in search engine results.

Astra plugins

To optimize the capabilities of the WordPress Astra theme, Astra has developed a collection of plug-ins that will assist you during your journey.

For the best theme support, Astra suggests the following plug-ins:

Astra Widgets– Make social media icons, addresses, and other content to help you expand your site even further.
Astra Bulk Edit– Modify a personalized list of articles and pages at the same time.
Astra Customizer Reset– Return your Customizer to its original layout.
Import/Export Customizer Settings– Take a copy of an Astra website you have previously created.
Customizer Search– Easily locate settings in the Customizer without having to open tabs.
Sidebar Manager– Create sidebars that go with your theme and pages.
Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg- Get all kinds of fun blocks for the Gutenberg editor.

You can use the Astra WordPress theme without additional plug-ins, but they can help you with workflow, usability, and design features that you want to implement.


Astra comes in both Free and PRO versions. For those who want to improve their WordPress websites, Astra’s premium capabilities are available at a reasonable price point.

Astra Pro is available for just $47 for the first year, with yearly renewals costing $59 more. Considering that you can use the theme on an infinite number of websites, this is a great price.

Astra offers a lifetime license for a one-time cost of $227 to customers who would rather not have to deal with yearly renewals and would rather have lifetime upgrades. In comparison, StudioPress themes run you $360 a year, so Astra is a more affordable option.

For an even better deal, you can get the Astra Business Toolkit, which costs less than a year’s worth of StudioPress themes and comes with a number of other features. More than 180 premium themes, the WP Portfolio plugin for exhibiting portfolios, and the Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder or Elementor, which offer more blocks, templates, and widgets for enhanced design capabilities, are all included in this toolset.

The all-new Spectra Pro premium page builder, the Schema Pro plugin for straightforward schema markup implementation, and the Convert Pro plugin for effective lead collection are also included in the toolkit. It also includes a membership to SkillJet Academy, which provides expert video instruction from thought leaders to assist you in developing and expanding your online business. With this all-inclusive bundle, you have everything you need.

Conclusion – Is Astra Theme right option for you?

Even in its free edition, Astra Theme is a good option for any WordPress website because it has a lot to offer. Its quick loading times and optimized code boost Google ranking and improve user experience on your website.

Features like button presets, a global color palette, and starter templates allow for efficient design revisions. These options are expanded in the Pro edition with the addition of a giant menu, personalized layouts, and more customisation choices.

There are still strong arguments for purchasing a professional theme, even though website builders are increasingly handling duties that were formerly handled by themes. Astra is adaptable enough for online shops and academies thanks to its integration with WooCommerce, LearnDash, LifterLMS, and Elementor.

Even though Astra is more than three years old, it carefully incorporates new features to guarantee stability and dependability for the more than a million websites it hosts.

When compared to other themes, Astra’s free edition offers fewer customisation possibilities, which could be a disadvantage if you require a lot of options without having to buy a theme.

However, because of its adaptability, dependability, and the many features included in its Pro edition, Astra is still highly recommended for novice bloggers, professional bloggers, and web agency owners.

Astra assists you in creating a functional and polished website, regardless of whether you select the Pro or free edition.

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What distinguishing qualities does Astra offer?

Astra is a well-liked WordPress theme due to a number of important factors, including its speed, small file size, degree of customisation, and compatibility with the majority of WP plugins.

Is WooCommerce compatible with Astra?

Indeed. In actuality, the theme already has WooCommerce installed by default.

Is the WordPress theme Astra free to use?

Indeed. Astra is a free theme that also has premium options.

Can I use the Astra theme on my phone?

Indeed! In addition to having helpful features like the ability to create a unique banner for your site’s mobile version, the Astra theme is responsive by default.

Do I need Elementor with Astra?

Not at all! Although Astra functions flawlessly with Elementor, you are not required to utilize Elementor in order to use Astra. One has the option to utilize the built-in Gutenberg editor or an alternative page builder plugin.

How can I install the WordPress theme Astra?

To obtain the Astra theme on WordPress, navigate to the backend and take the following steps: Add New under Appearance > Themes. Installing Astra will be an option whenever you search for it.

What makes Astra compatible with caching plugins?

Astra is designed with performance optimization in mind. Its lightweight codebase ensures that it loads quickly, which complements the functionality of caching plugins. When paired with the best WordPress caching plugins, Astra can significantly improve your website’s speed and performance.

What is Astra’s child theme?

Child theme is a sub-theme of the Parent theme Astra. While the parent theme Astra holds all of the functionality and features and the Child theme acts as an outer layer around your parent theme (Astra) containing only your customizations.


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