WP Tasty – Is it a Best WordPress Recipe Plugin in 2024


WP Tasty is a WordPress recipe plugin that can help you start your food blog in WordPress. It offers a package of four plugins that help food bloggers display recipes, roundups, Pinterest content, and affiliate links. 

This plugin makes it extremely easy to design attractive recipe cards. You can instantly submit new recipes and adjust portion sizes. It streamlines your workflow, takes care of formatting, manages affiliate URLs, helps you create the perfect layout, adds nutritional information with Nutrifox, and more. There is no doubt that it is a great plugin but is it the best WordPress recipe plugin?

Why choose WP Tasty in 2024?

One of the reasons that this plugin is so popular is that it is easy to use and new bloggers can get adjusted to it quickly. Users can customize their blog the way they want and monetize it. You will be able to publish search engine-optimized recipes with proper formatting within a few minutes. The excellent layout options ensure that when readers land on your blog they love what they see.

Best Suite of WordPress plugins for Food Bloggers:

Tasty Recipes: WordPress Recipe Card Plugin

Tasty Recipes helps you publish an attractive recipe card on your site. You will be spending less time blogging and more on the art of cooking. This plugin makes it extremely easy to submit recipes instantly and make simple updates without any hassles.

Key features

Intuitive design experience – You can choose one template out of six stunning options. By the end of the designing process, your site will look as delicious as the food itself. It automatically picks up styles that will suit your website. We noticed that this plugin focused on creating the best layout design and providing optimal user experience.

Video Friendly – Users will not face any hassles in adding videos to the blog along with rich images. After all, a food blog without videos of the cook is incomplete. Add personality to your blog with your videos but make sure that they load without delay with this plugin.

Creates the best user experience – Your food blog should be easy to read. This plugin ensures that you can do consistent formatting, add an organized ingredient list, and publish step-by-step instructions for the readers. It connects with Nutrifox so that your readers know all the nutritional facts at one glance.

Tasty Roundups: WordPress List Plugin

One of the most tiring aspects of blogging can be publishing new content. With Tasty Roundups, you can add new articles to your blog by creating roundups of your already existing content.

Key features – What makes Tasty Roundups best?

Search function – Manually compiling roundups is usually a tiring task. However, with the search function of Tasty Roundups, you can automatically add post images, titles, descriptions, and links to your roundups. You no longer need to manually search for posts and then paste content. The search function pulls content according to the searched keywords and then pastes it to the new compilation. All your work is done within seconds!

Helps you keep a consistent format – This plugin sources information from different blogs but keeps the formatting and design of your roundup consistent.

Lightweight – This plugin has precise functionalities so there is no fluff in it. You get all the powerful features and the plugin does not become a burden for the site’s speed.

Tasty Links: WordPress Affiliate Plugin

Tasty Links allows you to auto-link specific keywords to affiliate links and maximize revenue. Simply select the URL and link the keyword to the URL without any manual effort. Not only will you find that it is easier to manage your links but you will also see an increase in affiliate revenue if you utilize this tool.

Key features – What makes Tast Links Best Affiliate Plugin?

Control link location – Users can control the location of the links so that they only appear on specific parts of the posts.

Add disclosure text– You can add a ‘sponsored’ attribute to the links. If you are transparent with your readers then they are likely to trust you more. You can also add a no-follow attribute to links because it is a good SEO practice.

Link to a primary piece of content– Do you have a piece of content that is the best work you have done? According to you and the comments of your readers? Create an auto-link of that content by using this plugin and save your time.

Feature a few affiliate links- If you are using this plugin with the Gutenberg block editor then it allows you to feature your favorite affiliate product links.

Get affiliate images from Amazon– It is not the responsibility of the food blogger to get high-resolution product images. If you are working with Amazon’s affiliate program then just paste the product link and this tool will pull a high-quality image for you!

Tasty Pins: WordPress Pinterest Plugin

Images are equally important for a food blog and Tasty Pins helps you optimize your food blog images for Pinterest and SEO.

Food bloggers have a huge audience to capture on Pinterest and that is why they should use this plugin to link their Pinterest account with their WordPress blog. With Tasty Pins, you can add descriptions that are specific to Pinterest, add captions, edit alt text, manage display settings, and more.

Key features

Add Pinterest descriptions– You can add Pinterest descriptions for your high-resolution images from the comfort of your WordPress account. You will be able to include hashtags, SEO-friendly keywords, and anything else you find important.

Disable pinning certain images– Not every image is worthy of being pinned and with this plugin, you can disable this feature for some images.

Add a hover button– Adding a hover button makes sense because visuals are important for a food blog. This will remind your readers to save the images.

Hide Pinterest-specific images from website users– There will be some images that will rock it on Pinterest but are not suitable for the blog. You can add them on Pinterest through WordPress but hide them from the site users’ view.

Unmatched support and complete documentation – You get access to their customer support the day that you buy their plugin. If you have any query you can search for the solution in their knowledge base. They constantly update it with all the information related to their plugin. However, if you are unable to find the answers then you can contact their customer support staff. They answer your queries within the first 24 hours.

When you purchase their plugin, you also get complete documentation. Their team is constantly updating their software to provide the users with the best experience. You can rely on their support to keep you going in your food-based business. Because your blog will only be able to provide a good user experience if this plugin keeps evolving with time.


You can buy the complete bundle for $299 per year. This bundle of four can be used on more than 25 websites. However, if you do not have the budget for the bundle then you can also buy each plugin individually.

To determine which plugin you want to buy you should prioritize your needs.

Here is what their pricing model looks like:

Tasty Recipes: $49 to $199 per year. You cannot miss out on this plugin if you want to design a beautiful recipe card for your website.

Tasty Roundups: $49 to $199 per year. This plugin helps you curate your content into beautiful roundups.

Tasty Links: $49 to $199 per year. Automatically link your keywords to the important URL’s across the blog.

Tasty Pins: $49 to $199 per year. Optimize every image for Pinterest and SEO.

These are the four plugins, their functions, and the pricing model. We recommend that you buy the complete bundle. There is no risk as you can return the product and get your money back within the first 14 days.

Final Verdict: Is it the best recipe plugin of 2024?

Once you purchase and activate the WP Tasty plugin you will get access to the complete bundle. Other plugins have to provide these features in one main file and that is why they miss out on some of the core features.

However, WP Tasty has allocated different features to different lightweight plugin files making it a more diverse and stronger plugin for food bloggers!

We purchased and tested this plugin ourselves and we can guarantee that all of its features work perfectly. If you are worried about making a big investment then you should buy Tasty Recipes and Tasty Links out of the bundle of four.

Design attractive recipe cards with Tasty Recipes and monetize your existing links with Tasty Links. Once you see some return on your initial investment you can buy the entire bundle. Overall, our final verdict is that WP Tasty is the best WordPress recipe plugin of 2024 and you can buy it without any hesitation.


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